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In addition to straightforward processing of plain text messages, PageMate profiles provide support for message filtering, content qualification, and custom recoding using programmed or “canned”  message text. In healthcare environments, this functionality has been popular with messages derived from Epic and Philips Emergin systems. PageMate dispatches messages through on-site and customer-owned paging systems, including systems from Motorola and Zetron, as well as public and commercial telephone, paging and short message service providers. Some SCADA and industrial process control system manufacturers provide integrated support for PageMate in their distributed control systems products.
Protocol Gateways PageMate protocol gateway connectors, also known as protocol converters or translators, accept text messages encoded in one protocol, transcode them to a different protocol, and dispatch them in the new protocol. A common application for a protocol gateway is accepting messages from facility or plant monitoring equipment that outputs alarm notifications in plain text or in a protocol like TAP or SMTP, transcoding the messages to SNPP or SMS, and dispatching them to cell phones or in-plant radios.
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